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Heat Presses for Garments

Garment Heat Presses

We carry several heat presses designed for pressing garments that range in size from small appliqué sizes up to large t-shirt presses. Our two flagship models for garment presses are the Swing-Away and Clamshell style.

Swing-Away presses swing completely out of the way of the table, providing complete access to load and unload materials and layout transfers. The heat platen is always face down, and regardless of the height of the product being pressed, it is always pressed evenly & level. The Digital Combo multipurpose press also falls within this category as well and comes with a variety of attachments including a t-shirt heat platen.

Clamshell heat presses are also a good choice for pressing garments. Our clamshell presses open much wider and lift up far away from the rear of the pad, staying away from user hands. Since the operational style is more contained it is best for environments with space limitations. The extra long & wide handle and smooth gas shock lift make for the easiest and safest clamshells to operate on the market!

These machines have all of the digital features of our state-of-the-art control system. This includes Digital Temperature, Time, and a Digital Pressure/ Height gauge, as well as programmable presets, user definable alarms and a host of other digital features.

Each machine is constructed of a solid steel welded framework, and features our SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology. The SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heat technology is a system of embedded heater windings that wind tightly and closely together throughout the entire platen for extremely even heat, fast recovery & fast heat up times.

Garment Category Products:


DK20S Heat Press


The Digital Knight DK20S is a 16"x20" swing-away heat transfer press.

DC16 Heat Press


The DC16AP is an automatic 14"x16" swing-away heat press with interchangeable heat platens and tables.

DK20 Heat Press


Our largest clamshell, the 16x20 DK20 opens for full access to the lower bottom table.

DK16 Heat Press


Our standard sized clamshell, the 14x16 DK16 opens for full access to the lower bottom table.

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