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Label/Patch Heat Presses

We carry a variety of heat presses that can accomodate pressing small transfers onto confined areas and avoiding pressing large areas of a garment or bag. The DK8, DK8T, DC8, and DC8AP label presses are very popular selections for label printing and small transfer & applique sealing.

If your image area is less than 8 inches, and you need to specifically isolate an area of a garment or bag, the tall pedestal on the DK8 allows for precise location of just the area needed to be pressed. Pockets, collars, socks, sleeves and similar areas are easy to press without flattening parts of the garment that should not be pressed. This saves the user from pressing very large areas of bulky items unnecessarily, as would happen on a standard T-Shirt press. The included interchangeable tables allow for isolation of the pressing area down to a mere 3x3 inches.

Label Category Products:

DK8 Heat Press


The DK8 label press is a 6x8 small platen heat press.

DC16 Heat Press


The DK8T label press is a twin station 6x8 small platen heat press.

DC8 Heat Press


The Digital Combo multipurpose swing-away heat press is also available in a 6"x 8" label size.

DK8 Heat Press


The DC8AP label press is a 6"x8" small platen heat press.

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